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Want to Be Rich?

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An article titled Planet Startup that discusses dozen of the most promising new ventures for determined American entrepreneurs is a very good read. The article catchline reads that ‘a bit of seed money, a little business savvy, and a great big appetite for adventure’ is what can take you to become Nouveau Riche.

This type of report can be inspiring and enlightening. What comes to mind while reading is if providing broadband in Brazil, becoming a bio diesel producer in Argentina, creating an ad network for India's mobile content developers, launching an exclusive social network for Russian millionaires, opening an American-style restaurant in one of China's fast-growing cities, remodeling homes for China's burgeoning middle class, flipping mining claims in Bolivia, exporting the planet's next great wines - from Greece or import fine wines to upscale restaurants in India, exporting gourmet coffee from Rwanda and becoming a social entrepreneur in South Africa can bring success (read wealth), why I can’t take up similar business venture and succeed?

In these unique economic times, there are a lot of opportunities in business improvements, real estate investments, stock investments or other fields of economic activities. People only need to look for them and take them to become a Nouveau Riche and a success. I have personally learned a great deal from successful people. I follow them and see how they work and achieve. I have found that all big achievers have some common traits; education, capacity to work hard and will to excel. Read through the article and see how it can inspire those who want to be Nouveau Riche.

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Ramadan and Consumers' Economy

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Despite different announcements by the government the prices of commodities keep rising all the time. Unchecked price hike is particularly visible at three occasions; before and during Ramadan, before and after annual budget and in between whenever prices of Petrol go up.

All nation and economies around the world respect their national and religious festive celebrations and reduce prices, announce clearance sales and help every one to make purchases. Pre Christmas sale is one of the best examples. Contrary to this spirit, we face unchecked price increase before and during Ramadan and before sacred occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. “The present situation indicates that rulers are not consumer friendly as they are backing hoarders, investors, capitalists besides working on the agenda of IMF and WB,” says PRM President Dr Aasim Sajjad, “sugar crisis was witnessed widely and the government pledged to deal with hoarders with iron hands but now situation was out of control” he added.

Market scouting shows that fruits and vegetable prices at the advent of the Holy month of Ramadan went spiraling high by 80/100 percent. More than 25 daily commodities like sugar, rice, pulses, chicken, beef, mutton, vegetables and fruits have shot up in local markets.

In a country that used to be famous around the world being cheapest as for as the food is considered, wholesalers and retailers, particularly of fruits and vegetables are enjoying a free hand to fleece the consumers in Holy month despite of all the official claims. The price of Flour is already raised by 5 to 8 Rupees per Kg. Dates are available from 100 Rs to 150 Rs a Kilo while Chicken is being sold at around 240-260 Rs. Besan is regularly used in Ramadan for making Pakoras for Iftar and its price now days is around 58 to 64 Rs a Kilo. Yogurt is being sold at 64 to 68 Rs while a liter of milk costs 45 to 58 Rs (show a discrepancy for fresh and tetra packs). Sugar prices have broken all the previous records and it has been sold at 54 to 64 Rs per Kg. There are reports about shortage of these commodities also. Utility Stores are unable to supply the desired amount of commodities and unavailability of products is causing nuisance. Despite of being honest and helpful at least in Holy month the retailers exploit the needs of public in Ramadan. Even the lower middle class person tries to eat nutritious fruits daily but how can they afford such prices?

The main commodities which showed an increase in their prices in July 2009 over June 2009 include Potatoes (29.33%), tomatoes (28.39%), eggs (20.37%), vegetables (17.32%), mash (14.59%), chicken (9.83%), moong (8.87%), gram whole(6.94%), onions (6.93%), gur (4.91%), masoor (4.48%), gram split (3.25%), fresh fruits (3.08%), food prepared/preserved(3.02%), oil cakes (2.91%), wheat flour (2.50%), tea (2.46%), meat (1.86%), sugar refined (1.72%), wheat (1.69%), rice (1.42%), beans (1.33%) and besan (1.06%). {X-Posted from Light Within}

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Misdirected Anger

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Anger is one of the attributes of all human beings. Not only that, it is also one of the attributes of animals. No human being can ever claim that he or she has spent all of his or her life without getting angry with or over someone or something. Losing temper is a negative quality which every sane human being will like to do away with. However, it is not that simple to exercise control over one's anger or temperament what to talk of doing away with it altogether. All of us ,over a period of time, develop certain likes and dislikes. Besides that there are certain universally accepted codes of conduct prevalent in a family, society or place of work. Once we find others doing things against our personal likes or the universally accepted code of conduct in a way that it has a direct or indirect bearing on our state of mind, we tend to get angry.

Although the intensity of anger and its frequency may vary from one to the other, getting angry is, perhaps, something normal with all human beings. But the important thing here is as to how we realize this anger. Simply speaking, one should realize one's anger over the person who has been the cause of making you angry. However, it does not always happen that way. A person gets angry with one's better half or any of the other family members just before leaving for office. The anger so generated gets realized in the place of work, more often on the subordinates. Similarly, a persons gets admonishment from the boss in place of work realizes the anger either on the subordinates or back home on the family members. So, more often than not, anger caused by one is realized over the other, the one who is not at fault, done nothing wrong and is innocent. This is how we tend to spoil our social relations. Realization of our anger is misdirected. It does not imply that anger must be realized over the person who causes it. The wisdom demands that we should develop good temperament and that we should be able to control our anger not having to realize it on anyone.

Will you like to share real life stories of misdirected anger?

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Mein Gardinen

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Es ist die Sehnsucht der einzelnen Familie zu einem gut ausgestatteten Haus zu haben. Einrichtung eines Hauses ist ohne Vorhänge unvollständig. Ebenso Ausstattung der Zimmer umfasst eine Lampe oder zwei. Mit dem Wandel der Zeit haben die Ausführungen und Typen der Vorhänge ein neuer Trend getroffen. Die Vorhänge sind nicht nur schön passend zum Möbel und die Farbe der Wände, sondern diese sollten auch den lokalen Umgebungen anzupassen. Vorhänge sollten leicht zu senken oder zu erhöhen, und diese sollten nicht aufwändig sein. In ähnlicher Weise fügen Sie geeignete Vorhänge eine spezielle Einrichtung, die verschiedenen Familien-und Business-Events und Parties haben wir hin und wieder zu organisieren. Die richtige Art von Vorhängen und Lampen für Ihr Zuhause oder Parteien erfordert eine gute Ästhetik Sinn. haben in der Wirtschaft seit geraumer Zeit, die den Bedürfnissen der Vorhang wurde eine große Anzahl zufriedener Kunden. Vorhänge angeboten von ihnen sind in großer Vielfalt, die Acryl-, PVC, Holz und Bambus enthält. Dazu kam, spezialisieren sie in hängenden Lampen Perlen und Perlenvorhängen. Jede Art von Vorhängen, PVC, Holz, Bambus und Perlen in einer Reihe von Mustern und Farbkombinationen erhältlich. Die Entwürfe und Muster entwickelt von ihnen sind einzigartig. Die Farbkombinationen von ihnen benutzt werden Augen fangen. Gardine und Lampe Sorten von ihnen sind leicht zu bedienen, schön anzusehen und sind langlebig. Ihre Kunden-Service ist ausgezeichnet. Für sie ist jeder Kunde wichtig ist. So bekommt jeder eine besondere und persönliche Betreuung. Die Mitarbeiter des Customer Service ist nicht nur in ihrer Antwort pünktlich, es berät auf seiner Erfahrung basieren. Es hilft auch erleichtern, bis zur Festsetzung der Vorhänge. Sie sind in der Vorbereitung gute Sitte Vorhänge entsprechend den Anforderungen der unterschiedlichen Dimensionen der einzelnen Kunden. Sie haben eine benutzerfreundliche Website, die leicht zu navigieren und make one's choices.

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Persecution of Women

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Except for certain physiological differences, which enables them to give birth to children, women are no different than men. On the other hand, men can't give birth to children! Women, by and large, form one half of the human beings the world over. This difference in physical strength makes women weaker and insecure of the two; both physically and psychologically. Other reasons for women to be vulnerable to men are the feminine beauty and the sexual attraction which men have towards women.

Men as fathers, husbands, sons, near and dear ones, peers and even male strangers want to dominate women daughters, wives, mothers, female near and dear ones, female peers and strangers. There may be numerous reasons for this domination. Some of these are difference of opinion, social conduct, monetary gains, career progression and sexual.

Knowing fully well that men get attracted towards feminine beauty, women make all out efforts to display the same and expose themselves by putting on obscene dresses and make up. This is one area, where women are by themselves responsible for becoming the target of persecution. They need to dress up and make up appropriately so as not to become a center of attraction for men. Not that this will altogether stop the persecution of women at the hands of men, it will certainly reduce the same.

Persecution of women at the hands of men has been in practice ever since the advent of mankind. Although lot of development has taken place in socio-political, socio-economic, scientific and almost all other fields, man is yet to socially develop to that level where the persecution of women becomes a story of the past. Men continue to act on their whims and, given the opportunity, don't hesitate to dominate women even if they have to physically abuse them. They need to exercise restraint on their animal like instinctive sexual behaviour.

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Your Home Alarm Systems

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Home is a place of rest, comfort and, above all, peace. All of us wish and strive to see that our most loved ones are in peace all the time. However, our houses and our loved ones are vulnerable to a number of hazards like burglary, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or some other unforeseeable accidental hazards. This brings in the need of installation of a fool proof security system which can keep the lives of our family and ourselves safe from these safety hazards. The system should be functional round the clock, prompt in response and affordable.

ADT Security Services have been in the field for over one hundred and fifty years providing security to millions of Americans, more than any other security service. Home security provider in Maryland exclusively provides security services to Maryland and its suburbs. Their standard installation of a security system includes a digital keypad through which you instantly remain connected with the command center of ADT technicians. You can arm or disarm the security system with a simple key chain remote. The moment these professionals receive an emergency signal from you, they alert the local authorities within seconds to enable them to respond appropriately. ADT offers number of alarm systems which can be integrated with the standard installation according to your needs. Their user friendly website enables you to interact with ADT staff and have the security system installed sitting at home.

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Observance of 63rd Independence Day of Pakistan

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The nation celebrates its 63rd independence day. Allow me to write, it would be more appropriate to use the word 'observe' rather than 'celebrate'. It's a day of soul searching for the ones who have souls. I do not know what to say about the soulless ones. Whereas, it is important for each one of us to reflect back and ask ourselves as to what goods and bads we did during the past one year which had a direct or indirect bearing on our fellow Pakistanis, it is more important for the politically, monetarily and socially blessed ones (who, mistakenly, consider it to be a blessing rather than a test) of the society to do so. The latter section of the society needs to ask itself as to whether what they are and what they have is through fair means or otherwise. It's never too late to mend. But, does the ruling elite of the country in which I also include the rich have soul? This section of society is chiefly responsible for all ills prevalent in our society. Most of the ruling elite are busy in power politics and filling its purses. I wonder what does the ruling elite do with their ever increasing accumulation of wealth mostly obtained through unfair means.

Despite being one of the few nuclear states of the world, we are nowhere in terms of development; literacy rate, health, education, per capita income, political and economic health, law and order and so on. Masses are sick of but helpless too facing load shedding, price hike and lack of opportunities of employment or doing business. More and more people continue to fall below the poverty line. The prevailing lawlessness is directly related to the increase in poverty. Once a person, despite the best of his efforts, can't earn livelihood through fair means, can't have himself or near and dear ones medically treated, can't have a shelter to live under, can't educate children, can't have access to clean drinking water etc, the only other options left with him are to either commit suicide or choose to become lawless. And, this is what is happening to our society. The increasing trend of looting of banks and bungalows, kidnapping for ransom, etc are the proof of the same. Although the members of the ruling elite see it happening to their fellow beings on daily basis, they foolishly think that it won't happen to them till their turn comes. It's not late yet. But a beginning has to be made before it gets too late.

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Customer Service Pizza Hut

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Yesterday night my daughter and I happen to pass by a Pizza Hut restaurant. We ordered a take away pizza, took it and came home. Once my daughter opened the pizza box, she was surprised to find that the pizza with her was not the one ordered by her. I rang up universal access number of Pizza Hut. The response was poor to start with but when I asked the operator to put me through to some senior person, I got the phone number of the branch from where we had gotten the pizza. I dialed the number and again found the response to be lukewarm. I spoke to the person in charge who readily accepted their mistake and committed to deliver another pizza at my residence. The second pizza was delivered at my residence within the time given by the branch manager. The delivery person insisted that the first one be retained by us as a compliment.


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Hughes Net Satellite Internet Connection

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Computers and internet connection have now become a necessity for us all. One needs to have the best of internet connections. Manual dial up connections appear to be cheaper but they are not. Unwanted interruptions and inability to use the phone, once the internet connection is in use are the visible drawbacks of the manual dial up connections. The invisible but the most important short coming of the manual dial up is the internet speed. The slow internet speed slows down the work. At times, it takes minutes to download which is frustrating. The waiting time sitting before the computer is more than the working time. Reflecting back, I realize as to how much precious time I used to waste on daily basis.

Hughesnet Internet not only provides effective solution to the problems faced while using manual dial up internet but also where cable and DSL services are not available. They provide fast and uninterrupted internet service. The dial up speed is fifty times more than the one offered by manual dial up. Hughesnet offers packages with down load speeds from 700 Kbps to 3.0 Mbps. Internet users can choose the package depending upon the frequency and the nature of internet usage. The satellite internet services are available all over contiguous America. Hughesnet in Redding, California and Broadband satellite in Santa Maria, California cover all those areas including the rural ones which are not serviced by cable and DSL. The prices of different packages are reasonable and worth the quality service they provide. Standard installation of a modem and a satellite dish is free.

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Disclosure Policy

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This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content. The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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Expenses of Democracy

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Democracy is considered to be the best recipe for a country to run its state of affairs. Whereas, it is rather difficult to disagree with that, democracy has its own bugs. One of the bugs is the ability of a common person to afford the expenses of effectively participating in a democratic system. Democracy as it exists in the developing countries, wherever it does, is a luxury which only the rich can afford. As far as masses are concerned, they are meant to only cast their vote. No ordinary person can even think of contesting elections. The expenses of electoral campaigns are so high and unaffordable that these are beyond the reach of a poor person or even one from the middle income group. In Pakistan, contesting an election to a provincial or national assembly costs ten to fifty million rupees. So, all persons who do not have this money to spare stand excluded from the candidacy of a seat for provincial or national assembly. Political parties in our country and all other developing countries are not rich enough to support their candidates. In fact, the parties bank upon the huge contributions from the candidates to run their affairs.

Assuming that you have ten to fifty million rupees to spare and that you get elected to one of the assemblies and that you also become a minister. We all know putting all the very lavish pay packages and other genuine perks and privileges of a minister will not make up for the money spent by you to become a minister. So, what will be your first concern? Obviously, it will be to recover the difference between what you spent and the what you are likely to earn if you remain a minister for the entire duration of the government. Your next concern will, quite justifiably, be to be in a position to contest the next election without requiring a penny to spend from your pocket. Your third concern will be to accommodate all monetary or other forms of legal or illegal requests of your chief supporters who enabled to win the election and become a minister. You, certainly, can't say no to these supporters as you have to secure a seat in the next election. It implies that whether you like it or not, you will have to resort to unfair means to remain alive in the politics of democracy. So, where do the "slogans of serving the masses", "alleviating the poverty" etc etc stand? It will be very fair to state that these slogans will be limited to mere rhetoric.

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Web Site Re-Design Announcement

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All of us wish and dream to have a house of our own where our family can live in peace and comfort of our choice. Every family has its own perimeters of its dream house in terms of its interior and exterior architectural design, and the amenities. There are certain limitations too, like the place where you want to construct your house and, of course, the limitation of funds. Thus, the designing and construction of your house is a job of true professionals who can realize your dreams come true. The final word in this field, home plans have been in business since 1983. They offer custom home plans to exclusively meet the requirements of their valuable customers. Both, the company and their customers have continued to grow for over three decades. Endeavoring to improve in every field they have recently redesigned their web site which is more user friendly and provides all the essential details to their worthy customers.

From house plans you can buy pre-drawn house floor plans. This floor plan can then be used to develop your own custom design catering for the amenities you wish to have. The vast variety of options offered by them enables you to select the designs from Home Plans Cost Estimator for any zip code in stead of generalities. You can draw the comparison of different home plans in terms of costs as well as designs. If you can afford to spend more, luxury dream home plans offers you unique life style options. Having decided upon the design of the house, you can find a list of qualified builders near you to undertake the construction of your house at discount rates.

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Breezes All Inclusive Caribbean Resorts

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Traveling is an essential part of one’s life. One may have to travel as part of one’s job or business or one may choose to travel on vacation; just for the sake of rest, recreation, enjoyment and fun. Unless carefully planned, traveling becomes a hassle and a bad experience. Super Club Breezes Resorts all inclusive vacation offer comfortable well located accommodation and finest beaches to spend good time in the Caribbean. Their facilities are wholesome. Time spent on these resorts becomes so much of fun and enjoyment that one wishes to get back to these resorts time and again. Their chain of resorts all over Caribbean makes it convenient to move from one resort to the other.

Super Club Breezes Resorts all inclusive vacation package offers private beaches, and selection of sporting activities and entertainment venues. Their state of the art equipment including projectors, A/V equipment, flip charts, microphones, podium and office supplies these Resorts ideal for incentives and group meetings. All inclusive facilities offered by them meet the needs of all types of groups; a couple, group of families or business officials. If you chose to spend Honeymoon, Caribbean vacations are the best for you to make your honeymoon truly enjoyable and enviably memorable. Each guest gets the feeling and treatment of a VIP and that too at affordable prices. Their web site is user friendly and very comprehensively covers the details of what they have to offer.

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Imagine, over 14 million users, who visited Twitter 99 million times last month (May 2009) to read posts tapped out with cell phones and computers. Individually, many of those 140-character “tweets” seem childish or immature but taken collectively, the stream of messages can turn Twitter into a surprisingly useful tool for solving problems and providing insights into the digital mood. By tapping into the world’s collective brain (call it a pulse of the online world), researchers of all kinds have found that if they make the effort to dig through the non serious looking comments, the live conversations offer an incisive glimpse into public opinion — and even help them shape it.

Read at Light Within


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Hotels Combined Word For Charity Drive

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Given the growing human activities, more and more people are traveling for business as well as pleasure. Some time it becomes difficult to find a place at the destination station. Best thing is to plan ahead and reserve place where you want to stay. One of the best solutions is to use The world's number one hotel search engine.

What makes Hotels Combined search engine unique is their free tool that searches multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously to help you find the lowest rate instantly. The tool eliminates the need to search major websites one by one in order to compare prices and availability. They have over 700,000 global hotel deals from over 30 merchants and much more in their database. Imagine! Once you find what you are looking for, Hotels Combined links you through to the supplier website to book directly. Explore their site and see what they are offering and how they can help you where ever you may be traveling to.

What is more, is running a Spread The Word For Charity campaign. There are three options for this cause - will give $20 for a blog mention, $10 for a tweet and $5 for becoming a fan of our Facebook page. And every one is invited to join hand in noble cause.


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Mud Architechture

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Making Money Online Myths

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Guest Post by S A J Shirazi

One can’t move much without coming across claims like making money online, how it is easy and how everyone can do it. After having experienced with some of the more obvious ways to skim the milk from new models of income by blogging, the best I can say is; Making money online is easy, and yes anyone can make. money. All it takes is a little hard work. There is no short cut to it. And that is how it is.

Yes, many people are successfully making money. If they can why can't I, someone may ask. So let us see who are making money by blogging. I find they are geeks, nerds, techies with good knowledge of computers (html and coding) or are heavily staffed organizations. They have over saturated the niches for computers, gadgets, photography, graphic designs and the like. You need to compete with them? If not, then find out what you like and are good at. The most surprising thing is that some people want to make money by blogging but they have not decided what to blog about. I would suggest if you have nothing unique (ok fairly unique) to tell and add value then don’t start. And those who do, may make their first $100 with Google Adsense within than nine months. The beginning has always been like that.

Second, those who have flair for writing can make good money with high Google PR blogs by writing reviews of products and services on their blog. Here some blogger would find it difficult to write about subject like mesothelioma lawyers, consolidate loans, refinancing mortgage, tax attorney, ameriquest mortgage, mortgage refinance or about an all inclusive holiday package to a place they have not even heard about. Start learning.

So what are the options? You can start a blog, put in your best and do so consistently over a period of time, six months to a year, the money shoul follow and will follow. There is no other way. {Also at Making Money Online}


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Looking into the mirror

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Whom do we look at the most? The answer may vary from one person to the other. But, it will be quite fair to state that most of us look at our own selves the most. And, we do that by looking into the mirror. The reason is very simple and natural. We want to look good before others. We all dress up according to our individual tastes and the occasions. Having done that, we look into the mirror before exposing ourselves to others. At times, we place the clothes before us and look into the mirror to see if these clothes match well and suit us. Same holds good once we are to buy clothes or certain outfits for ourselves. The mirror is also used extensively by us all, and particularly women, for our make ups and combing.

How would the life be without a mirror? The absence of mirror will leave us at the mercy of others. It would be their judgment and comments based on which we would dress up and do make up. It implies that all of us would actually dress up and do make up according to the taste of others and not ourselves. Since mirrors are available everywhere, we take these for granted. However, the usefulness and importance of a thing is better understood by imagining being without it. It equally holds goods for our near and dear ones, friends and family.


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Looking Best

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We all like to look good to others. Development of cosmetic surgery has enabled us all to remove or reduce our appearance related natural or accidental deformities or disproportions. However, it’s but natural to have lot of queries and reservations before opting for a cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation is one of the popular cosmetic surgery applications under consideration of women.

Saline and Silicone breast implants are the two options. Outer shell of the two is the same i.e. of silicone. In case of saline breast implant, saline solution is placed in the outer shell. However, in case of silicone breast implants, the outer shell contains cohesive silicone gel. The new silicone implants give the looks and feel of natural shape which has less chances of leak, rupture or tear even when it, by any chance, is cut in half. However, for cohesive silicone gel implant, larger incision has to be made. Saline implants carry liquid solution which does not have the aforementioned advantages. If you opt for such like surgery, you ought to know your options. Breast Implants is the right place for you. They have a vast network of highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons all over America. Their web site is user friendly and offers plenty of information on the subject

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Itna Habas He Ke Looo Ki Dua Mangtae Hain LooG

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Sour Fruits of Democracy

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According to The News International, Pakistan, Tuesday, August 04, 2009

PIA was suffering Rs13 billion deficit in 2007, which surged to Rs40 billion in 2008. PIA managing director made fresh recruitments of 6,000 workers in the airlines. PIA is on top compared to other airlines in employing maximum number of workers per aircraft. Pakistan Steel had a reserve of Rs11 billion and an inventory of products worth at least Rs6 billion in June 2008. In July 2009, Pakistan Steel’s current liabilities reached Rs21 billion. The Pakistan Steel management has already consumed the entire amount of employees’ gratuity and provident fund. The national exchequer lost Rs3 billion by re-nationalising the rice export, while Rs20 billion loss was caused by non-transparent import of Urea.

Democracy is considered to be the best prescription for governance. I wonder if it is true and this prescription is going to cure the ills of Pakistan. Champions of democracy were very happy on departure of Pervez Musharraf. True, he was a dictator in uniform. It has been over a year and a half that, supposedly, we are being ruled by a democratic government. The above statistics are just a few examples of the misdeeds of our rulers. The rampant looting of the national exchequer and corruption continues to grow unabated and there is no check on it. There is no hue and cry in the parliament. There are no large scale demonstrations and agitations on the roads and streets. Poverty is taking the toll of every Pakistani. Masses are more concerned to work day in and night out to see that there kitchens run. They too are right as demonstrations and agitations threaten to further reduce their earnings. The rulers have opted to pay little heed to the lone cries in the print and electronic media.

It's not difficult to imagine as to what would be the state of affairs in the coming days, if corruption and looting continues to grow at this very rate for the remaining three and a half years before the next general elections. Certainly, there is a need to introduce certain checks and balances to put an end to this misrule. But who is going to bell the cat?

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Look Your Best

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Everyone human being wants to look good and beautiful. This is all the more important for women who have been the source of attraction ever since the birth of mankind. Breasts are the visible parts of the body which distinguish women from men. If for one reason or the other these are disproportionate to their body, women don’t look good. This results in the development of a complex which adversely affects their confidence in carrying themselves and socially interacting with others. Women of older days lived and died with this complex as cosmetic surgery had not introduced.

However, cosmetic surgery and even certain non surgical procedures have resolved the issue of disproportionate breasts, which in most cases need augmentation. Breast Augmentation offer wide varieties of services in this regard. They offer affordable and flexible finance packages. But the most important thing is that they provide you the services of highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons who specialize in breast augmentation. If you are in need of breast augmentation, just click onto looking your best user friendly and informative web site and you will find your self at ease to avail their services. Their network of cosmetic surgeons is spread all over North America; America and Canada.

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Buzzer on a Chat Message

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Since the advent of internet, the life has turned very fast. Communication through email and chat messages, and countless other means like mobile, skype and so on has made it possible for people living far away to communicate with each other in seconds. However, the recipient has to be online on the other side of the channel. Whereas these fast means of communication have facilitated interaction among us all, these has also made us impatient. Prior to writing this post, I was trying to communicate with a friend of mine who was online. I wanted to chat with him online. I sent him quite a few chat messages but he did not respond. I sent him an email but he did not respond to that too. Maybe he was busy or he was away from the PC. I too had something important and urgent to talk to him and am certain if he knew that I was wanting to communicate with him, he would surely respond. It appears that the chat message visual warning did not draw his attention. It is here when I thought if chat messages also had a buzzer to draw the attention of the recipient, it would facilitate the communication further. Of course, the buzzer must have opt in/out option of keeping it switched on or off.

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Persecution of Minorities

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Persecution of minorities isn't a new phenomenon in Pakistan. However, the sad part is that in stead of this being controlled, it has been on the increase with everyday passing. Christians have been victims of this persecution countless times. The recent incident of burning of their houses and killing of about half a dozen of them in Gojra is yet another sad addition to the history of mistreatment of minorities in Pakistan.

This persecution picked up momentum once Blasphemy Law was introduced during the rule of a military dictator Gen (Retired) Zia ul Haq. In order to extend his rule until his death, Zia ul Haq took the political support of the so called Islamist parties whose sole demand was and has been to date to impose the Shariah (Islamic Law) in the country. That's a separate question as none of these parties agree on as to which Shariah has to be imposed as each one of them interprets Shariah differently. Since the motives were limited to extension of his rule, Zia introduced certain laws under the name of Shariah to achieve the same on one hand and to please the pseudo Islamists on the other hand. There has been a demand of repeal of such like laws from the saner sections of the society but who cares about it. Even if these laws have to stay, none of these permits the citizens to take these laws into their own hands. It is here that all governments in the past have been keeping their eyes closed and not taking the culprits to task and the same seems to be the case this time with this government. It has been a common trend that every time an incident of this type takes place, the law enforcement agencies either don't reach the place of incident or on reaching choose to watch things happening in stead of taking corrective actions.

Islam grants such rights to the minorities that in certain cases they enjoy more rights than the Muslims. It's the duty of every government to provide peace and security to all of its citizens irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or sect. This is only possible if government sets a good example of dealing with such like situations with a just and iron hand. Unless, the persons responsible for inciting hatred, the murderers and looters are punished according to the law, such incidents will continue to occur and the frequency and intensity will also increase. All governments have been avoiding this responsibility for fear of agitations and demonstrations by pseudo Islamists in the name of Islam. I wish that this incident is made an example, deviating from the past.

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A Ray of Hope!

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31 July'09 will be remembered in the history of Pakistan for the landmark judgment given by Supreme Court of Pakistan. The 14-judge bench of the apex court declared all the emergency of 03 Nov'07 illegal and unconstitutional. The appointment of judges following the emergency order becomes illegal and unconstitutional as a result thereof. So, about 110 judges; 15 judges of the Supreme Court, 41 of the Lahore High Court, 27 of the Sindh High Court, 10 from the Peshawar High Court, all five of the Balochistan High Court and eight of the Islamabad High Court and four from the Federal Shariat Court. Most of the actions taken under the emergency order have been declared invalid. However, the oath taken by Mr. Asif Ali Zardari as President of Pakistan has been accepted as otherwise, it would have destabilized the system. The verdict has also declared that NRO be validated by the parliament by giving grace period of 120 days.

This judgment by the apex court is going to have far reaching effects on the judicial, constitutional and political history of Pakistan. The court has denounced successive military takeovers over the past four decades and their endorsement by the superior judiciary. The verdict has closed the doors for future military take overs and has strengthened democracy. The verdict has also caused a concern for the beneficiaries of NRO.

The credit of all this goes to Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry who refused to bow before a dictator and the lawyrs' movement that followed thereafter until the restoration of the former. It are such like personalities and movements which change the course of history of nations. I wish we had more of such like persons to lead the country, as, perhaps one man alone, is just not enough to put plethora of things right in our country. owever, a beginning has been made. If our political leaders choose to folow the foot steps, which is least likely, it's not late yet to put our country on road to progress.

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Light Within

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