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Sour Fruits of Democracy

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According to The News International, Pakistan, Tuesday, August 04, 2009

PIA was suffering Rs13 billion deficit in 2007, which surged to Rs40 billion in 2008. PIA managing director made fresh recruitments of 6,000 workers in the airlines. PIA is on top compared to other airlines in employing maximum number of workers per aircraft. Pakistan Steel had a reserve of Rs11 billion and an inventory of products worth at least Rs6 billion in June 2008. In July 2009, Pakistan Steel’s current liabilities reached Rs21 billion. The Pakistan Steel management has already consumed the entire amount of employees’ gratuity and provident fund. The national exchequer lost Rs3 billion by re-nationalising the rice export, while Rs20 billion loss was caused by non-transparent import of Urea.

Democracy is considered to be the best prescription for governance. I wonder if it is true and this prescription is going to cure the ills of Pakistan. Champions of democracy were very happy on departure of Pervez Musharraf. True, he was a dictator in uniform. It has been over a year and a half that, supposedly, we are being ruled by a democratic government. The above statistics are just a few examples of the misdeeds of our rulers. The rampant looting of the national exchequer and corruption continues to grow unabated and there is no check on it. There is no hue and cry in the parliament. There are no large scale demonstrations and agitations on the roads and streets. Poverty is taking the toll of every Pakistani. Masses are more concerned to work day in and night out to see that there kitchens run. They too are right as demonstrations and agitations threaten to further reduce their earnings. The rulers have opted to pay little heed to the lone cries in the print and electronic media.

It's not difficult to imagine as to what would be the state of affairs in the coming days, if corruption and looting continues to grow at this very rate for the remaining three and a half years before the next general elections. Certainly, there is a need to introduce certain checks and balances to put an end to this misrule. But who is going to bell the cat?

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At August 7, 2009 at 12:44 PM, Blogger Qurat-ul-ain said...

Pakistan is very unfortunate country where military dictators ruled over 33 years and destroyed the institutions, promoted barbarism and corruption. If one says that dictatorship is the root cause of all the setbacks of country it will not wrong. It seems that writer is very fond of sitting in the lap of dictatorship but "Dancing with dictators never pays off." Threat to democracy means threat to Pakistan. It is the dilemma of this country that whenever democracy tried to flourish it is hindered and again same practice is ongoing. It is quite right that worst form of democracy is much better than dictatorship.

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