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Health is Wealth

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We all know, “Health is Wealth”. Barring certain exceptional cases of deformity or disease, health is a treasure we all are blessed with once we come into being i.e. our time of birth. We ought to guard this wealth by keeping ourselves in good health. This is only possible if we don’t take our health as granted and in stead remain conscious about its maintenance. More often than not, we ignore this maintenance because of our other personal or family commitments. If a member of our family falls sick or some other emergency occurs, we leave all other business aside to attend to the issue. However, when it comes to our own sickness, we leave attending to it for another day.

It’s a universally accepted fact that some sort of regular physical exercise for half an hour to one hour is essential for keeping good health. How many of us follow this practice? Similarly, we all know that we should take balanced diet. How many of us truly take the trouble to find out as to which is the balanced diet for us? How many of us resort to diet control if we are patient of blood pressure, diabetes or coronary disease? In my opinion, the proverb, “Prevention is better than cure” applies the most in respect of health. The ones from amongst us, who follow it, live a better and healthy life. The ones who don’t are the cruelest to our own individual selves. A stitch in time saves nine.


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