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MPA Shumaila Rana asked to resign

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According to The News International, Pakistan, Thursday, July 16, 2009

LAHORE: The Pakistan Muslim League has demanded resignation from its MPA Shumaila Rana due to her involvement in a theft case. An investigation team of the PML-N has urged Shumaila Rana to tender her resignation, as her scam has raised questions regarding the party’s credibility before the general public.

The PML-N investigation team has affirmed that if she was innocent, then she has to face the media to prove her innocence.
Shumaila Rana has been accused of stealing the credit card of another woman at a function and misusing the same to buy jewelry worth thousands of rupees. GEO TV has shown the footage of the event which leave no doubt about the involvement of the worthy MPA in the case. Resignation of the MPA is not enough. She must be prosecuted like any ordinary citizen would have been and exemplary punishment be given. With PML(N)ruling Punjab, the prosecution of the worthy MPA should not be a big deal. What Shumaila Rana may have done in the past more in her capacity as MPA should also be looked into. Selecting and nominating such like persons as MPAs puts a question mark on the judgement of the PML(N) top leadership and the system, if any, through which party nominations take place. Such is the state of our leadership whom we have elected.

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