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Resentment against Baluchistan Package

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Baluchistan is area wise the largest of the four provinces of Pakistan. It is the smallest province in terms of the population. Ever since independence there has invariably been lot of hue and cry regarding the deprivation of the rights of the people of Baluchistan. All governments to date have been accepting the existence of this deprivation and announcing different packages and incentives to make up the deprivation. However, the hue and cry regarding the deprivation has continued to increase despite all these efforts. In the recent past, particularly, after the death of Nawab Akbar Bugti and killing of a few more political leaders, this hue and cry has gathered a new momentum and now the voices of secession from Pakistan are on the increase.
People of Baluchistan feel that they are not getting the due share of development and their democratic rights of freedom of expression, equal opportunities etc are also not respected. The other sore point is about the royalty for the mineral resources like natural gas from Sui gas fields, copper from Saindak, marble etc. In the last few years there have been a large number of people from Baluchistan who, according to the political leadership, have gone missing as they have been picked up by the security agencies, namely, army. People of Baluchistan are against the involvement of the army and even the establishment of new cantonments. Gwadar port is yet another sore point where non Baluchis have purchased lot of land and are working in various projects which is going to change the demography of the area. Notwithstanding the poor standard of education, the people of Baluchistan want all public office vacancies to be filled by them and not from outside Baluchistan.

It is in this backdrop that the present government had promised to alleviate the sufferings of Baluchistan through a package. The said package has been placed before the national assembly. The Baluch leadership’s response has been twofold; the political leadership of Baluchistan was not taken into confidence while preparing the package and that the package falls well short of the demands of the people of Baluchistan. Yet another cry has been that the people of Baluchistan wanted these promises to be converted into deeds and going by the past precedence, they had all the reservations about the implementation of the package.

Even if the Baluchistan package presented in the National Assembly is well intentioned, it’s not being perceived as such. Wouldn't it have been better that all the elected and non elected political leadership was taken on board while preparing the package. If this was not possible, the least which could have been done was to present the package in the Provincial Assembly of Baluchistan prior to its approval by the National Assembly and the government.

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NRO beneficiary quits as moral obligation

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Finding his name in recently published list of beneficiaries of National Reconciliation Ordinance, the advisor of Punjab Chief Minister and principal secretary of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Saeed Mehdi has tendered his resignation stating that he never made any corruption nor took advantage under NRO. He further said that he was involved in the matter maliciously, therefore, quitting from the office as moral obligation. Mehdi said he would not accept any official designation till clearance.

Unless there are some hidden and political ramifications, the resignation of Saeed Mehdi is indeed commendable. Is he going to be the lone exception or going to be followed by hundreds of others in the government led by the worthy President of Pakistan?

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Abnormal activities of foreign nationals

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As per the press reports, MNA Javed Hashmi, who also heads the NA human rights body’s sub-committee on American private security firm Blackwater’s alleged presence in the country, said that the US was purchasing land in the suburbs of the federal capital Islamabad, including Malpur, Sihala and the Simly Dam area. He also said,“Influential people in Islamabad are renting out their houses to Americans,” and added “as per preliminary information, it is an established fact that Inter-Risk and DynCorp are training recruits in Peshawar”.

There has been a lot of hue and cry on part of the residents of Islamabad for many weeks about abnormal activities of the foreign diplomats and nationals. It has been the subject of the media, too. There have been reports that foreign nationals are employing highly trained retired soldiers of the special services group of the army in large numbers offering them very attractive salaries.

There is a need to probe into the matter to verify if all this is true or mere speculations. Based on the probe, government should take appropriate measures in either case and let the people know about it.

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Donating sacrificial meat to IDPs

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Eid ul Azha is due to be celebrated in about a week's time. After the military operation in Swat Malakand areas and the ongoing military operation in South Waziristan, we are having a large number of internally displaced persons, in millions in case of the former and in lakhs in case of the latter. All of these people need to be helped. Celebration of Eid ul Azha provides a large number of Pakistanis a good opportunity to help these IDPs.

Following the teachings of Islam, a large number of Pakistanis are going to spend millions of rupees to buy sacrificial goats and cows and slaughter them. Government, particularly army, and other agencies helping the IDPs should collect these sacrificial animals/money from the ones who intend buying the sacrificial animals and pass the same to the IDPs. The money so collected can be used to buy the animals from the neighborhood of the IDPs. Army is best suited for that as it is better organized and people have more faith in it. This will create a lot of goodwill amongst the IDPs and make them feel that their fellow Pakistanis care for them and remember them.

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Pakistan 42nd most corrupt country: TI

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Transparency International (TI), in its report for the year 2009, has rated Pakistan to be the 42nd most corrupt country in the world. Last year Pakistan was rated as 47th most corrupt country. Thus, as per this report, corruption has further increased in Pakistan over the last one year. India has been reported to be at 84th position. TI has cited issue of (National Reconciliation Ordinance) NRO in end 2007 as the main cause for continuing increase in corruption. The NRO grants immunity to a large number of politicians and bureaucrats charged with corruption. Most of these politicians and bureaucrats led by Mr. Asif Ali Zardari are back in power.

The PPP led government continues to boast of heroic deeds since their coming in power about two years ago. The report of TI bares it all. The worthy prime minister (PM) has shown his concern about it and formed committees to streamline procedures for good governance. This action on part of the PM very clearly reflects his acceptance of the TI report. He could have denied it, too, to be false and ill founded! The thought of good governance has occurred to the PM after this report. What have his cabinet and he been doing for the last two years? Waiting for the report! PPP calls itself to be the champion of democracy and good deeds. Rhetoric are good for a while. Deeds speak louder than words. In stead of competing with India in Cricket and Hockey matches, and being emotional about it, Pakistan needs to compete with India in the field of good governance.

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Fred Bremner

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Light Within on on Fred Bremner writes, “He was not a diplomat, historian or a journalist, yet his photographs and publications have become an important source of historic records of the cities, events, places and people in Pakistan.”

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Sugar Crisis and Accountability

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Forty years ago, one of the reasons of downfall of Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, then president of Pakistan, was the increase of sugar price from Rs.1.50 per kg to Rs.1.75 per kg. Our country has been passing through the sugar crisis for over two months now. Sugar which was earlier available in the market in plenty at Rs.38.00 to Rs.40.00 per kg is in short supply and the shopkeepers are selling it at the rates of their choice from Rs.50.00 to Rs.80.00 per kg in different parts of the country. And, this is happening despite the ruling of the Supreme Court of Pakistan that sugar be provided to the masses at Rs. 40.00 per kg.

All Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (APSMA) has repeatedly brought out that it had informed the Ministry of Production in early Summers that, in view of less production of Sugar in the country, government should import sugar which was then available in the international market at cheaper rates than now. According to APSMA, Ministry of Production did not follow the advice and this is the main cause of the present sugar crisis. Federal as well as the provincial governments continue to opine that the crisis is prevailing because of the hoarding on part of the sugar mills and the wholesalers. The other opinion is that Supreme Courts ruling has discouraged the market forces to come into play resulting in the crisis. However, the fact is that the ruling came much after the crisis had already begun. Provincial governments continue to boast of administrative measures like raiding of the few of the sugar mills and recover thousands of sugar bags hoarded by them. Provision of sugar to the masses at the rate of Rs.40.00 per kg through government run Utility Stores, too, has been boasted about but once the masses cue up to buy sugar during the announced two hours period, to their total disappointment, they are unable to buy any sugar as either the stores are closed or the sugar is not there to be sold. This is resulting in unrest and agitations in small numbers which is likely to grow with every day passing. Either the government officials are incompetent or they are party to the artificial escalation of prices. Both of these are inexcusable.

Notwithstanding the fact that Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan was a dictator, finding himself being unable to control the agitations, he chose to resign. I doubt if any such option is even under consideration of the worthy president, prime minister, chief ministers or the concerned federal and provincial ministers. We are yet to hear even a single case of proceedings against any of the culprits; government officials, the mill owners or the wholesalers. Not a single head has rolled but for that of poor masses who are in search of sugar from pillar to the post. Initiated by a private TV channel, our political leadership, in the government and opposition alike, could not think of 'Stop using sugar drive' and have not bothered to support it by personal example.

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Concept of War

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By nature the settings of cyber warfare are international as compared to fighting in confines of limited war zones, sectors and on borders. Information systems have always been vital for any professional military might. Since the advent of computers and the Internet, there have been amazing changes in the ways of handling and using information: collecting, storing, processing, and distributing information. Like corporate world and even individual members of society, military commands are also taking advantage of the medium at all levels and computers and networks dependence is growing.

Read about new concept of Cyber War.

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US review of Afghan strategy and Pakistan

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Foreign office of Pakistan has communicated to the US that Pakistan should be taken on board while US reviews and formulates Afghan strategy afresh. By all logic, US ought to take Pakistan's point of view. However, there has been no response on the issue from the US government. Any increase or decrease in troops is going to have a direct bearing on Pakistan. Even other aspects of the strategy related to use of force or negotiations, or a combination thereof, too, will directly or indirectly affect Pakistan's efforts in the war on terror. Obama has repeatedly asked the planners to review the strategy from the beginning till end to include the time frame and methodology of withdrawal of troops from the region. This, too, is relevant to Pakistan as to how Pakistan should plan its strategy once US and NATO troops leave the region.

On one hand US considers Pakistan to be the front line state on the US and NATO allies' war on terror. US has also, in the recent past, grouped Pakistan with Afghanistan to fight its war against terror and calls it as its AF-Pak strategy. Isn't it then surprising that Pakistan is not being taken on board? There must be reasons for the same. Pakistan government needs to look into the matter seriously and take appropriate diplomatic and other measures. Learning from this, Pakistan should understand that, in the eyes of America, Pakistan's role has been and will remain reactive and not pro active despite the latter being so called non NATO ally of US.

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Pursuit of terrorists

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The recent upsurge of terrorist activities is mind boggling. The frequency of the terrorist attacks has grown to one everyday in the last one week. The leadership of the NWFP and the federation continues to state that the recent increase in the terrorist activities is related to the military operation in South Waziristan. They are of the view that the terrorists are reacting to the losses being suffered by them at the hands of the army. Some have even stated these terrorists attacks to be the last ditch effort on part of terrorists facing defeat in South Waziristan. Although even these losses at the hands of terrorists are pretty bad, sad and hard to bear, I wish and pray that these terrorist activities are at their dying end, but to me it doesn't appear to be so. I don't agree with the general perception that all would be fine after the military operation in South Waziristan.

The successful pursuit of terrorists in South Waziristan should have resulted in weakening them and decreased their activities elsewhere which is not the case. It is perceived that all terrorist activities are planned and their execution is controlled and directed from their center in South Waziristan. If that be the case, one thing is for certain, the military operation has so far not been able to disrupt the nerve center of the terrorists to the extent so as to prevent them from executing terrorist activities. Thus, either the military operation is not proceeding successfully or the current terrorist activities are being launched from elsewhere. The latter is more likely. The terrorists have spread all over the country and we will have to pursue them in every nook and corner of our mother land.

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Corrupt Parliamentarians

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Associated Press reports that William Jefferson, a Democrat who represented parts of New Orleans for nearly 20 years has been sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison for taking $500,000 in bribes and seeking millions more in exchange for using his influence to broker business deals in Africa.

I long to see such like verdicts in Pakistan.

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Cost of misspelling your email address

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If there is one odd mistake or omission in the postal address, there are good chances that your letter will still reach the recipient. However, that's not the case with a wrong email address. It has got to be accurate to the last word and the digit, if any. Any oversight in this regard means that your email will not be received by the intended recipient but some one else. Similarly, if some one wants to send you an email and he/she has misspelled your email address, the email will not be received by you. The matter does not end here. In both cases the message is most likely to be received by another person. If by any chance the contents of the message are of confidential nature, loss of confidentiality is very much a possibility with bad consequences.

One such mistake was made by a friend of mine a few months ago. He receives monthly payments in his PayPal account from a number of agencies. My friend did not bother to check up his accounts until recently and found a few thousand dollars missing. On checking up, he was horrified to learn that payments from one agency were missing as the email address he sent to one of the agencies had a typo mistake. My friend has lost quite a few thousand dollars. So, be ware of such like mistakes.

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Prosecution of NRO beneficiaries

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The News International dated Monday, November 09, 2009, writes in its editorial:

The constitutional experts are of the opinion that the NRO could be challenged in the superior courts for being in contradiction of the Constitution and a sheer violation of the basic human rights. In case the contention is accepted, the beneficiaries of the infamous law would be exposed to legal proceedings, including restoration of their status as accused, proclaimed offender and they would also be liable for arrest.

Even if the beneficiaries of NRO become liable to legal proceedings and their status (prior to NRO) as accused, proclaimed offenders and being liable to arrest is restored, the question is as to what is going to be outcome of these legal proceedings. The cases against these individuals are to be pursued by the government and the affected individuals are also part of the government in one form or the other. Will the PPP led coalition government pursue these cases vigorously against its own jiyalas? The delliberate action on part of the prosecution will be to dilute and take the steam out of these cases.

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Paintball Masks

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Withdrawl of NRO

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Pakistan People's Party (PPP), the majority party, withdrawn National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO)to avoid voting on the bill by the parliament. It had to been done as it became distinctly clear that the game of numbers was not in their favor and that the bill was doomed to be rejected by the majority. This became obvious once one of the major coalition partners, Muttehidda Qaumi Movement(MQM), declared that it would vote against the bill.

NRO indemnifies a large number of politicians and bureaucrats with respect to cases of large scale pending in the courts on the pretext that the cases were politically motivated to victimize the opposition. The bill very clearly violates the equality of justice and provides unlimited relief to the beneficiaries.

Surprisingly, the opposition parties did not insist on the presentation of the bill. Had the opposition, along with MQM, insisted on its presentation, PPP had no choice but to do so and face the defeat. It would have been far better if the bill was presented and voted against rather than its withdrawal. This would have certainly been a rightful expression of the intentions of the parliamentarians as to who were for such exceptions of indemnities and who were against it. But, perhaps, there is some tacit understanding between the opposition and the ruling alliance not to push each other to the wall irrespective of the national interests.

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Political Leadership and the Military Operations

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Political leadership of government of Pakistan has repeatedly stated that our country is at war, the war against terrorism. Besides, looking for and chasing the terrorists all over the country, we have already had a successful military operation in Swat Malakand areas. And, now, another military operation is in progress in South Waziristan. Barring one odd exception, all parties, both in the government and opposition, continue to support the military operations. Every now and then, we hear lot of statements from leaders of both sides supporting the military operations and appreciating the heroic deeds of our brave soldiers. But, that's all.

Whereas the the senior military leadership including Chief of Army Staff regularly visited the troops in Swat Malakand areas during the military operation and is also visiting the troops in South Waziristan, there has not been a single noteworthy leader of the government or the other political parties who has taken the trouble of going to the operational areas.

It's not understood as to why the political personalities of our country who all claim to be the leaders of our country have not visited the troops. You don't push out your troops in the battlefield and forget about them. American and NATO leadership including heads of the governments has made countless visits to Iraq and Afghanistan to look up their troops and see for themselves as to what progress is being made. Perhaps, our leaders have more important things to attend to than the war! That's why they have left this not so important job to the military leadership. It's only today that Nawaz Sharif is in Northern Areas addressing public rallys in support of the candidates of his party in the oncoming elections due in the next few days. Certainly, to him, this is far more important than visiting the troops in the battlefield! None of the leaders have even taking the trouble of visiting the wounded soldiers in the hospitals or the next of kins of the martyred ones. Deeds speak louder than the words.

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Looking for cheap auto insurance!

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Introducing Logic is Variable

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In the bloggers words...

Logic is Variable is a resource for my writings. More often, I blog informally, sharing impressions, generating ideas to see how they invoke reactions, keeping track of others’ work in the fields of my interest, or simply ranting or pointing out things that come to my attention.
Also, I use blogging as a platform to prune ideas. This is where I meet others and share experiences. “I am neither geek, nor nerd, I am not a hacker, a phreaker, a programmer or any variety of technoid dweeb.” Have a look!

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Obama's Afghanistan Dilemma

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It has been over eight years, soon after 9/11, that America invaded Afghanistan. America has over hundred thousand troops and Britain has over fifteen thousand. Other NATO countries have also contributed troops in single digit thousands. The invasion was undertaken as the perpetrators of 9/11, Al Qaeda organization, led by Osama Bin Laden was in hiding in Afghanistan. Prior to invasion America had demanded the handing over of Osama Bin Laden and his accomplices from Mulla Omar led government of Taliban. Mulla Omar denied the said demand. Despite a lapse of eight years, NATO forces have neither been able to capture Osama Bin Laden or Mulla Omar nor have they been able to neutralize Al Qaeda. Only a few months ago Obama sent around seventeen thousand troops to Afghanistan. The present American military commander has been demanding reinforcement by another forty four thousand troops for last few weeks.

Thousands of innocent Afghan nationals have been killed so far, some say the number to be over hundred thousand. A large number of Afghanis have been disabled. Many of them become homeless. Over one thousand NATO troops have also been killed. However, neither the NATO troops nor the present Afghan government have been able to establish their control over Afghanistan to root out Al Qaeda and Taliban. Whether the induction of another forty four thousand American troops will be able to achieve what has not been achieved in last eight years or not is the question before Obama. There is another school of thought. It advocates buying of Taliban rather than chasing and killing them. Let's see which of the two options is followed by Obama.

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Looking for a job!

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The world is passing through one of the worst economic recessions. The unemployment rate continues to grow. In America, every fifth person has lost the job. However, this, by no means, implies that jobs are not available or the companies are not hiring. If there are companies which are firing its employees, in the process of downsizing, there are other companies which are growing and hiring. Notwithstanding the access to information on the internet, searching for the job is an art by itself which you need to learn to be able to find the right job for yourself. Similarly, once you have got a job, you would like to have job satisfaction and you would also like to grow in your career. Internet offers easy access to an ocean which requires many life times to traverse. You have got to jump in the right direction to be able to dig out pearls and not stones.

But before embarking upon to find a job you ought to have the right advice for finding a job as well as the career advice. For both, it is better to benefit from the advice of experts in these fields instead of making a solo flight. Harrison Barnes has made job search easy for the jobless. He has written useful articles providing just the right advice about job search and also the career advice. These articles provide insight to the realities of job search. He talks about dos and don’ts in a way that the reader feels as if these articles have been written for him. You would certainly learn a number of new things which would make your job search far easier proposition than before. Going through these articles will make your pursuit of how to find a job lot easier than your earlier perceptions.

Job satisfaction is what makes a person live a comfortable life. It’s a two way process. You can’t blame your organization and bosses for everything going wrong and being counterproductive to job satisfaction. A lot of it also depends upon as to how you should go about doing your job and interact with your peers, bosses and subordinates. Job satisfaction is a prerequisite to career growth, particularly in the same organization. Harrison Barnes, in his articles on the subject offers sound career advice very comprehensively. He suggests tips which are easily understandable and adaptable. You will definitely find many new approaches which will help you move about with good job satisfaction and also enable you to grow in your career.

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Hazards of Using Cell Phone

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The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand held mobile phones is the largest biological human experience ever in which the cell phone users are exposed to electromagnetic radiations. Because we yet do not know the health risks, we must exercise caution. What if you have to use a cell phone.

Don’t allow children to use the phone except in emergencies. Children’s skulls are thinner and their brains contain more fluids than adults. Radio frequencies travel through children’s brains much more easily and therefore increase the risk of cancer. Brain tumors cause more deaths among children than any other forms of cancer. Sydney TV News report.

Malignant brain tumors are the second leading cause of death in children under 15 and young adults under 34.

Don’t let your children keep the cell phone under the pillow. NaturalHealth

Avoid using cell phone if you are pregnant. The developing organs of the fetus or child are the most sensitive to any possible effects of the most sensitive electromagnetic radiations exposure. R.B. Herberman M.D. University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute (2008).

Don’t use cell phones with young babies or children on your lap or in your arms.

Just a two minute call on cell phone can alter the natural activity of the brain for up to one hour. Spanish Neuro Diagnostic Research Institute.

The more time you spend talking on your cell phone, the greater your risk of developing brain or eye cancer. Be polite but keep it brief. You may be saving not only money but a life-quite possibly your own. NaturalHealth

Regular phones are your safest bet for conversations and work. Use a regular phone as much as possible. The base of a cordless phone emits high level of electromagnetic radiations, even when the phone is not in use. Dr.George Carlo, Medical Alert, Aggravated System Relapses (2008).

By moving the cell phone just 5 cm (approximately 2 inches) away from your head while talking on it, you reduce the EMR that reaches your head by 75%. You cut your EMR exposure to less than 1% by keeping the cell phone over 18 cm (approximately 7 inches) away from any part of your body. NaturalHealth

Avoid carrying cell phone in your pocket, belt or hand. The hip produces 80% of body’s red blood cells and is especially vulnerable to electromagnetic radiations. Close proximity may also affect fertility. Dr.George Carlo, Medical Alert, Aggravated System Relapses (2008).

Body tissue in the abdomen absorbs radiations more quickly than the head. Position cell phone with the keypad facing towards you when you put it in a pouch or hand bag. This way the antenna is facing away from you. NaturalHealth
Avoid Using Wired Headsets

Headsets, including the ear buds that come with most cell phones today, have been shown to act as antennae channeling the electromagnetic radiations directly into the ear canal. Dr.George Carlo, Medical Alert, Aggravated System Relapses (2008).

When you use regular ear buds or ear pieces, you are getting three times more EMR than if you hold the cell phone against your ear, and you are getting it directly into your ear canal, and therefore into your brain. NaturalHealth

Ferrite beads suppress the EMR and dissipate it. In other words, they absorb EMR and convert it into heat. Foe maximum protection, use an air tube headset with a ferrite bead placed as near as possible to the cell phone. NaturalHealth

Use the speaker phone as much as possible. Never hold the phone directly against your head. EMR decreases in direct proportion to the distance the source is from your body.

Avoid using a cell phone while in metal enclosures Vehicles, elevators, air planes, trains, subways and any other metal enclosures. Dr.George Carlo, Medical Alert, Aggravated System Relapses (2008).

Metal enclosures act like a Faraday cage, trapping some of the radiation and reflecting it back upon you and others. Turn your phone off in metal enclosures. NaturalHealth

Make calls when and where you have strong signals. Cell phones automatically increase power output, when the signals weak exposing you to greater EMR.

Avoid making calls when travelling fast. A cell phone automatically increases power when it is moving at high speeds ( such as in a car, train, subway, or plane) as it attempts to connect to the next base station. R.B. Herberman M.D. University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute (2008).

EMR emitted from cell phones and even electric clocks can lower the quality of your sleep. R.B. Herberman M.D. University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute (2008).

Turn your cell phone off at night. The Safe Wireless Initiative also suggests moving your electric alarm clock or clock radio ( this goes for any other electronic or electrical appliances, too) at least 1.80 meters (6 feet) away from your head, or simply using a battery powered alarm clock. NaturalHealth

When purchasing a cell phone, buy one with the lowest SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) R.B. Herberman M.D. University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute (2008).

We can’t protect ourselves from all danger, And we don’t want to be fearful, as that’s one more stress, that’s also detrimental to our emotional and physical health.

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Light Within

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