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Cost of misspelling your email address

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If there is one odd mistake or omission in the postal address, there are good chances that your letter will still reach the recipient. However, that's not the case with a wrong email address. It has got to be accurate to the last word and the digit, if any. Any oversight in this regard means that your email will not be received by the intended recipient but some one else. Similarly, if some one wants to send you an email and he/she has misspelled your email address, the email will not be received by you. The matter does not end here. In both cases the message is most likely to be received by another person. If by any chance the contents of the message are of confidential nature, loss of confidentiality is very much a possibility with bad consequences.

One such mistake was made by a friend of mine a few months ago. He receives monthly payments in his PayPal account from a number of agencies. My friend did not bother to check up his accounts until recently and found a few thousand dollars missing. On checking up, he was horrified to learn that payments from one agency were missing as the email address he sent to one of the agencies had a typo mistake. My friend has lost quite a few thousand dollars. So, be ware of such like mistakes.

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At November 12, 2009 at 1:43 PM, Blogger Shirazi said...

And you know your friend is still sulking. He can never forget such a casual loss. I know him ;-0

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