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The world is passing through one of the worst economic recessions. The unemployment rate continues to grow. In America, every fifth person has lost the job. However, this, by no means, implies that jobs are not available or the companies are not hiring. If there are companies which are firing its employees, in the process of downsizing, there are other companies which are growing and hiring. Notwithstanding the access to information on the internet, searching for the job is an art by itself which you need to learn to be able to find the right job for yourself. Similarly, once you have got a job, you would like to have job satisfaction and you would also like to grow in your career. Internet offers easy access to an ocean which requires many life times to traverse. You have got to jump in the right direction to be able to dig out pearls and not stones.

But before embarking upon to find a job you ought to have the right advice for finding a job as well as the career advice. For both, it is better to benefit from the advice of experts in these fields instead of making a solo flight. Harrison Barnes has made job search easy for the jobless. He has written useful articles providing just the right advice about job search and also the career advice. These articles provide insight to the realities of job search. He talks about dos and don’ts in a way that the reader feels as if these articles have been written for him. You would certainly learn a number of new things which would make your job search far easier proposition than before. Going through these articles will make your pursuit of how to find a job lot easier than your earlier perceptions.

Job satisfaction is what makes a person live a comfortable life. It’s a two way process. You can’t blame your organization and bosses for everything going wrong and being counterproductive to job satisfaction. A lot of it also depends upon as to how you should go about doing your job and interact with your peers, bosses and subordinates. Job satisfaction is a prerequisite to career growth, particularly in the same organization. Harrison Barnes, in his articles on the subject offers sound career advice very comprehensively. He suggests tips which are easily understandable and adaptable. You will definitely find many new approaches which will help you move about with good job satisfaction and also enable you to grow in your career.

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