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Friends, not masters

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The News International, Pakistan in its editorial of Wednesday, October 21, 2009 writes,

Senator John Kerry has described the meetings he held during a brief visit to Pakistan to 'clarify' the concerns raised over conditionalities attached to the $7.5 billion aid to be extended under the Kerry-Lugar Bill as 'positive'. It is significant that the US lawmaker focused the time he had available on meeting those who had most reservations about the bill – Mian Nawaz Sharif and General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani. But reading between the lines, it seems clear that Mr Kerry found the going tough. This is evident from the fact that he carefully declined to say if fears raised by the bill had been allayed and on several occasions looked quite visibly frustrated by the response to it. But the US lawmaker also made several things quite clear. For one, he stressed that the intentions behind the bill were good and that he for one ranked himself as a friend of Pakistan, eager to do what he could to help the country and to strengthen democracy within it. He also pointed out Pakistan was free to refuse the aid package. The plain talking from one of the most experienced US Senators should make us all think. The question is whether as a country strapped for cash, and trapped in a quagmire of problems made up by political instability, economic desperation, a militant threat and a devastating shortage of energy, we are in any position to choose. The country, quite simply, cannot do without assistance. Its people cannot do without the improved access to education and healthcare that the Kerry-Lugar Bill offers. This is the reality that we should be talking about.

Late President of Pakistan Field Marshall Ayub Khan said, " We need friends, not masters". But in the dictionary of international relations, the word friendship does not exist. Agreed, that we are strapped for cash. When have we not been? How many times have we got loans and aids in billions of dollars since independence, all in the name of alleviating poverty and educating the masses? Whither has it gone? Same is going to happen to this money. These loans and aids suit the government officials as it are they who benefit from it the most. So, I beg to differ with the conclusion of the editorial. Losing integrity, allowing other countries to interfere more and more in our internal affairs for any sum what to talk of a paltry sum of $ 1.5 bn which too is going to be eaten by officials in the name of masses isn't a good bargain at all. Let's learn to stand on our own feet.

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At October 25, 2009 at 4:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Hillary Clinton is visiting pakistan on oct 28th to put pressure on army and opposition to accept the notorious kerry-lugar bill. According to Hillary, media is spreading mis-information about kerry-lugar bill in Pakistan. I think it is patriots like you and other media who have raised their voices against this death warrant for pakistan. Had it not been for our opposition and army, our shameless govt would have accepted the bill by now.

Kerry-lugar bill is a death warrant for pakistan because it will give USA so much interference in pakistan's sovereign affairs that our puppet govt (Pakistan Puppet Party) in collaboration with USA will be able to replace anti-USA officers in pak army and ISI with pro-USA traitors. I am not from the army and I do not approve of army's involvement in politics. But when it comes to the sovereignity and integrity of our coutry, we cannot have our traitor politicians sell out our sovereignity to USA.

USA wants to increase its presence in pakistan by bringing blackwater and US marines to counter chinese interest in pakistan. USA wants to start a civil war in pakistan and make pakistan another iraq. 5-6 million iraqis have been killed by the americans. they will do the same to pakistanis. In fact, blackwater has been supplying arms and explosives to the terrorists as well as training them.

We should protest against Hillary's arrival on 28th and take out rallies in guarded areas such as stadiums, parks, etc. Army and police can be put outside stadiums and parks during these protests which can be aired live on TV channels. That will bring Hillary and Americans to their senses that they need to stop bullying Pakistanis. Otherwise, there will be another anti-USA revolution like in Iran.

At October 26, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Blogger Mobashir Ahmed said...

You have said it all. I agree with you.


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