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Mitigating Supremacy of Pakistani parliament?

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The debate about the Kerry Luger bill passed by both houses of America has been on in National Assembly of Pakistan. The bill grants $ 1.5 bn per annum for five years but has certain conditions attached to it. These conditions have been rejected by the opposition parties, media and a wide cross section of Pakistani society. The pressure on the government has been so intense that ultimately some of its parliamentarians too opposed the conditions. The conditions relate to micromanagement of the aid money, American access to persons under the garb of pursuing nuclear proliferation network and involvement in the affairs of Pakistan army promotions and the use of military aid. But the most offensive condition relates to the language used while talking about Pakistan's handling of terrorism which presupposes Pakistan to be sponsoring terrorism and asks it to cease it.

However, the surprising thing has been the sudden flight back of Pakistan's foreign minister to Washington, while the debate in the national assembly is still on, to have an explanatory note added to the bill to mitigate the effects of the conditions laid down in the bill before the bill was signed by the American president. And, the latest is that the debate in the Pakistani parliament has been wound up without any vote on the subject or without any resolution. What's the use of such a debate? Where is the writ of the Pakistani parliament? Whither democracy?

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