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State Gifts and Shaukat Aziz

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According to The News International, Pakistan, Friday, July 03, 2009

Former prime minister and billionaire, Shaukat Aziz, had taken 736 gifts worth with him on his last bye-bye Pakistan flight to London. The state booty included half a dozen more necklaces, 18 kt gold, gold coins, pearls, crowns, diamonds, Rolex watches, bracelets, carpets, Chinese pandas (presumably figurines because the list does not elaborate) etc after getting them massively undervalued by the obliging Cabinet Division evaluators by paying only token money. One sources said, the total value of these 736 gifts, whose total price keeping the importance of those gifts given by the heads of foreign countries in the open market view, would easily be over Rs100 million, but it was priced at Rs25 million so that one of the richest prime ministers of our history with Rs7 billion declared assets with Election Commission of Pakistan could retain them free of cost.

This is the true state of affairs of our worthy rulers. Needless to say that if cases of other rulers are investigated, the story is least likelt to be any different. It's not a question of a few million rupees but that of the mindset and the ethics. Will the present government take measures to prevent the repitition of such like swindling?

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