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Political Bribery

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According to The News International, Pakistan, Thursday, July 02, 2009,

Rather unexpectedly, the prime minister has announced a doubling in the annual development fund for the 342 members of the National Assembly, raising the amount to Rs20 million for each fiscal year. It is not clear if the benefit will be extended also to the 100 members of the Senate, who, till now, had been on par with the legislators in the lower house. But even if this does not happen, it is quite obvious that there will be a considerable new drain on the exchequer as a result of the decision. Oddly enough, no mention of it had been made in the budget and the prime minister's announcement came as the budget session concluded.

Where from are the funds going to come if the same is not the part of the budget? Aren't our worthy MNAs supposed to legislate in stead of initiating development projects in their constituencies. This has been done to political bribe our MNAs. This will provide them a political clout and also an opportunity for misuse of funds. If the worthy PM thinks that MNAs ar better suited for the local development projects then he should dole out all the funds allocated for local development.

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