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Loyalty Vs Misconduct

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According to Daily Times dated July 02, 2009, Speaker of Punjab Assembly has suspended the entrance of Ch. Abdul Ghafoor, Provincial Minister of Jails for a period of eight days due to his misconduct, rowdy behaviour and being insolent and disrespectful fellow lady MPA a couple of days earlier.

Whereas the pandemonium which took place in the provincial assembly (and was witnessed by the entire nation on the TV channels) is a matter of shame and concern for our worthy parliamentarians and the entire nation, it is important to note that the worthy minister has not shown any regrets on this happening and has in stead stated that he would not apologize for his misconduct. He maintains that he loves his leadership, Sharif brothers of PML (N), and can't hear anything against them. Loyalty to one's leadership is more important to him even if it has to be displayed through misconduct. There has been no response to this from the worthy Sharif brothers or the top leadership of PML (N) who should have corrected the minister. This shows the mindset of our worthy leaders of the top and second highest echelon. Isn't t a matter of pity?

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