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Buzzer on a Chat Message

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Since the advent of internet, the life has turned very fast. Communication through email and chat messages, and countless other means like mobile, skype and so on has made it possible for people living far away to communicate with each other in seconds. However, the recipient has to be online on the other side of the channel. Whereas these fast means of communication have facilitated interaction among us all, these has also made us impatient. Prior to writing this post, I was trying to communicate with a friend of mine who was online. I wanted to chat with him online. I sent him quite a few chat messages but he did not respond. I sent him an email but he did not respond to that too. Maybe he was busy or he was away from the PC. I too had something important and urgent to talk to him and am certain if he knew that I was wanting to communicate with him, he would surely respond. It appears that the chat message visual warning did not draw his attention. It is here when I thought if chat messages also had a buzzer to draw the attention of the recipient, it would facilitate the communication further. Of course, the buzzer must have opt in/out option of keeping it switched on or off.

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At August 5, 2009 at 1:37 PM, Blogger Shirazi said...

This reminds me of a pager technology. May be this is the next thing coming on us.


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