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Observance of 63rd Independence Day of Pakistan

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The nation celebrates its 63rd independence day. Allow me to write, it would be more appropriate to use the word 'observe' rather than 'celebrate'. It's a day of soul searching for the ones who have souls. I do not know what to say about the soulless ones. Whereas, it is important for each one of us to reflect back and ask ourselves as to what goods and bads we did during the past one year which had a direct or indirect bearing on our fellow Pakistanis, it is more important for the politically, monetarily and socially blessed ones (who, mistakenly, consider it to be a blessing rather than a test) of the society to do so. The latter section of the society needs to ask itself as to whether what they are and what they have is through fair means or otherwise. It's never too late to mend. But, does the ruling elite of the country in which I also include the rich have soul? This section of society is chiefly responsible for all ills prevalent in our society. Most of the ruling elite are busy in power politics and filling its purses. I wonder what does the ruling elite do with their ever increasing accumulation of wealth mostly obtained through unfair means.

Despite being one of the few nuclear states of the world, we are nowhere in terms of development; literacy rate, health, education, per capita income, political and economic health, law and order and so on. Masses are sick of but helpless too facing load shedding, price hike and lack of opportunities of employment or doing business. More and more people continue to fall below the poverty line. The prevailing lawlessness is directly related to the increase in poverty. Once a person, despite the best of his efforts, can't earn livelihood through fair means, can't have himself or near and dear ones medically treated, can't have a shelter to live under, can't educate children, can't have access to clean drinking water etc, the only other options left with him are to either commit suicide or choose to become lawless. And, this is what is happening to our society. The increasing trend of looting of banks and bungalows, kidnapping for ransom, etc are the proof of the same. Although the members of the ruling elite see it happening to their fellow beings on daily basis, they foolishly think that it won't happen to them till their turn comes. It's not late yet. But a beginning has to be made before it gets too late.

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