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Making Money Online Myths

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Guest Post by S A J Shirazi

One can’t move much without coming across claims like making money online, how it is easy and how everyone can do it. After having experienced with some of the more obvious ways to skim the milk from new models of income by blogging, the best I can say is; Making money online is easy, and yes anyone can make. money. All it takes is a little hard work. There is no short cut to it. And that is how it is.

Yes, many people are successfully making money. If they can why can't I, someone may ask. So let us see who are making money by blogging. I find they are geeks, nerds, techies with good knowledge of computers (html and coding) or are heavily staffed organizations. They have over saturated the niches for computers, gadgets, photography, graphic designs and the like. You need to compete with them? If not, then find out what you like and are good at. The most surprising thing is that some people want to make money by blogging but they have not decided what to blog about. I would suggest if you have nothing unique (ok fairly unique) to tell and add value then don’t start. And those who do, may make their first $100 with Google Adsense within than nine months. The beginning has always been like that.

Second, those who have flair for writing can make good money with high Google PR blogs by writing reviews of products and services on their blog. Here some blogger would find it difficult to write about subject like mesothelioma lawyers, consolidate loans, refinancing mortgage, tax attorney, ameriquest mortgage, mortgage refinance or about an all inclusive holiday package to a place they have not even heard about. Start learning.

So what are the options? You can start a blog, put in your best and do so consistently over a period of time, six months to a year, the money shoul follow and will follow. There is no other way. {Also at Making Money Online}


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