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Looking into the mirror

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Whom do we look at the most? The answer may vary from one person to the other. But, it will be quite fair to state that most of us look at our own selves the most. And, we do that by looking into the mirror. The reason is very simple and natural. We want to look good before others. We all dress up according to our individual tastes and the occasions. Having done that, we look into the mirror before exposing ourselves to others. At times, we place the clothes before us and look into the mirror to see if these clothes match well and suit us. Same holds good once we are to buy clothes or certain outfits for ourselves. The mirror is also used extensively by us all, and particularly women, for our make ups and combing.

How would the life be without a mirror? The absence of mirror will leave us at the mercy of others. It would be their judgment and comments based on which we would dress up and do make up. It implies that all of us would actually dress up and do make up according to the taste of others and not ourselves. Since mirrors are available everywhere, we take these for granted. However, the usefulness and importance of a thing is better understood by imagining being without it. It equally holds goods for our near and dear ones, friends and family.


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