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Misdirected Anger

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Anger is one of the attributes of all human beings. Not only that, it is also one of the attributes of animals. No human being can ever claim that he or she has spent all of his or her life without getting angry with or over someone or something. Losing temper is a negative quality which every sane human being will like to do away with. However, it is not that simple to exercise control over one's anger or temperament what to talk of doing away with it altogether. All of us ,over a period of time, develop certain likes and dislikes. Besides that there are certain universally accepted codes of conduct prevalent in a family, society or place of work. Once we find others doing things against our personal likes or the universally accepted code of conduct in a way that it has a direct or indirect bearing on our state of mind, we tend to get angry.

Although the intensity of anger and its frequency may vary from one to the other, getting angry is, perhaps, something normal with all human beings. But the important thing here is as to how we realize this anger. Simply speaking, one should realize one's anger over the person who has been the cause of making you angry. However, it does not always happen that way. A person gets angry with one's better half or any of the other family members just before leaving for office. The anger so generated gets realized in the place of work, more often on the subordinates. Similarly, a persons gets admonishment from the boss in place of work realizes the anger either on the subordinates or back home on the family members. So, more often than not, anger caused by one is realized over the other, the one who is not at fault, done nothing wrong and is innocent. This is how we tend to spoil our social relations. Realization of our anger is misdirected. It does not imply that anger must be realized over the person who causes it. The wisdom demands that we should develop good temperament and that we should be able to control our anger not having to realize it on anyone.

Will you like to share real life stories of misdirected anger?

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