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Want to Be Rich?

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An article titled Planet Startup that discusses dozen of the most promising new ventures for determined American entrepreneurs is a very good read. The article catchline reads that ‘a bit of seed money, a little business savvy, and a great big appetite for adventure’ is what can take you to become Nouveau Riche.

This type of report can be inspiring and enlightening. What comes to mind while reading is if providing broadband in Brazil, becoming a bio diesel producer in Argentina, creating an ad network for India's mobile content developers, launching an exclusive social network for Russian millionaires, opening an American-style restaurant in one of China's fast-growing cities, remodeling homes for China's burgeoning middle class, flipping mining claims in Bolivia, exporting the planet's next great wines - from Greece or import fine wines to upscale restaurants in India, exporting gourmet coffee from Rwanda and becoming a social entrepreneur in South Africa can bring success (read wealth), why I can’t take up similar business venture and succeed?

In these unique economic times, there are a lot of opportunities in business improvements, real estate investments, stock investments or other fields of economic activities. People only need to look for them and take them to become a Nouveau Riche and a success. I have personally learned a great deal from successful people. I follow them and see how they work and achieve. I have found that all big achievers have some common traits; education, capacity to work hard and will to excel. Read through the article and see how it can inspire those who want to be Nouveau Riche.

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