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Breeding of Taliban in Madrassas

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There is a vast network of Madrassas (private education institutions of different sects offering Islamic education as per their own perceptions and political agendas). These Madrassas offer free education, boarding and lodging, stipends and even free clothings to their students. Who finances these Madrassas and what is taught therein is not known to the government. Government officials are not allowed to enter these Madrassas what to talk of monitoring them. With soaring population, ever increasing poverty, inability of the government to provide affordable education and the bias of the society, in general, and, that of the poor in particular, towards the teachings of Islam without truly understanding them, the poor, who generally have more children and less resources to feed them readily send their children to these Madrassas. Our society on the whole has handed over its religion to the Mullahs; a convenient way of shirking its responsibility to understand and follow the true peaceful teachings of Islam. It's common knowledge that the impressions formed in childhood go along with a person right till the grave. Not all, but certainly some of these Madrassas hammer incorrect concept of Jihad into the mind of these innocent children of the poor. It is propagated that Islam should be spread through force and the followers of unislamic teachings as per their perceptions should be done away with by force if they don't fallback to the fold of Islam. Poverty and teachings of pseudo Islam put together alienate the poor youth from the rest of the society. It is this youth which is available to Taliban and the likes for recruitment.

All of these Madrassas are run by Islamist parties most of which have their political and militant wings. A number of efforts have been made by the government including Musharraf's regime to register these Madrassas but in vain. Political conveniences and the fear of reactions from the Mullahs have not let the registration and monitoring happen. The governments have been deferring it which has facilitated the stregtheningn of the Mullah and Madrassas. Lest it is too late, it is high time that registration and monitoring of these Madrassas is undertaken irrespective of the opposition which may have to be faced. The government should know that people of Pakistan have time and again rejected these Mullahs as is evident from the results of the elections held to date, and that the poor send their children to Madrassas not as a matter of choice but compulsion.

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