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More US Troops in Afghanistan: Ping Pong of Al qaeda and Taliban

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America is inducting another 20,000 troops in Afghanistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Yousaf Raza Gilani has very rightly and timely expressed the reservations against this move. This induction is likely to intensify the hunt of Al Qaeda and Taliban by the US and NATO troops in Afghanistan pushing the terrorists in larger numbers to Pakistan increasing its existing problems of security and insurgency.

To seriously deal with Al Qaeda and Taliban, US troops along with NATO troops, the most advanced and well equipped and well trained armies of the world, should stop cross border movement of Al Qaeda and Taliban, this time from Afghanistan to Pakistan as against earlier movement in the opposition direction, and undertake operations to eliminate them. Similarly, Pakistan army should make every endeavour to block the cross border movement of Taliban. The earlier proposals given by Pakistan to fence and mine the selected border areas along Afghanistan should be implemented. It's not understood as to why Americans oppose the idea of sealing the border. Perhaps, they don't want to fight Al Qaeda and Taliban and in stead want them to cross over to Pakistan leaving the dirty job of fighting to Pakistan army.

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