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Media's Trend of Breaking News without Verification

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Ever since the freedom of press and electronic media and opening of dozens of TV channels, for which the credit goes to General Retired Musharraf, these channels are competing among themselves to capture more viewership. One of the areas of this competition is Breaking News and boasting about it that it was this channel which took the lead in Breaking News. The moment they get a clue about something, they very quickly air it to take the lead from the rest. These channels don't take the trouble of verifying the correctness of the news aired by them. It has happened a number of times that the news broadcast turned out to be totally or partly incorrect. These channels are just not pushed or bothered as to how adversely such incorrect/incomplete news affect the citizen. The latest example of this is the kidnapping of students from Cadet College Razmak. Initially, the number of kidnapped students was reported to be around five hundred. The next morning it was announced that all the abducted, less than one hundred in number, had been recovered by the army during a swift operation. Later, it was reported that there were still fifty abducted who were still missing.

Our media is enjoying total freedom and impunity and print/broadcast what it chooses to. There is no check on it. Isn't it the moral responsibility of us all Muslims not to pass on anything to others without verifying its correctness? Who is going to reign our media? Our media is very quick in Breaking News which not only includes disclosing something new to us but also breaking the news in terms of correctness. The latter, too, is, after all, an act of breaking news!

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