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LHC Orders Release of Hafiz Saeed

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Hafiz Saeed, the chief of Jamaat-ul-Dawa had been under preventive detention days after the Mumbai attacks end November last year. The government had detained Hafiz Saeed vide United Nations Security Council Resolution No 1267. The resolution dealt with an arms embargo, freezing the guilty party’s assets, and banning them from travelling abroad, not detention. Apparently the release has come due to a technical point of absence of the mention of detention in the UN SC resolution. India, on the other hand, accuses Hafiz Saeed of being involved in Mumbai attacks.

Whether the gentleman is guilty or not, either way it speaks ill of our government for undesirably detaining a citizen under international pressure and being unable to justify the detention before the court. Punjab government has decided to challenge the LHC verdict in Supreme Court of Pakistan. Perhaps, there is some additional evidence which was kept away from LHC!

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