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Obama's Address in Cairo

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Yesterday, Mr. Barak Obama, President of United States, made a historical speech in Cairo. The address has been labelled as address to the Muslim World as most of its content related to the American relations with the Muslim world. The speech indeed is very impressive in oratory, rich in content but short in terms of road map(s) for the future. Lot of good promises and intentions have been displayed but without any concrete measures to fulfill the same. America's stance that it is not at war with the Muslim world but with those few who are resorting to spreading terror in the name of Islam, has been very well received all over the Muslim world. Obama's clear perception of the Palestinian issue, too, has been welcomed the world over. He very clearly states that the solution lay in two state solution recognizing the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians to coexist in peace. He has offered to resolve the nuclear issue of Iran through negotiations without any preconditions. He wants to achieve peace for Americans in particular, and the world in general, at the minimum cost which is the right approach. However, the good words need to be translated into good deeds. Only time would tell as to what the final outcome is realized.

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