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Banned Jamaat-ul-Dawa Resurfaces to Help IDPs

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Jamaat-ul-Dawa (JUD) was banned by Pakistan government once the organization was put under ban by UNO after the Mumbai Attacks. It has been reported by a section of media that the banned Jamaat-ul-Dawa has resurfaced under the name of some other organization and has established camps to help the IDPs of Swat region. Resurfacing of banned organizations under some other names is not a new phenomenon. The latest news, once, again, confirms government's inability to keep track of such like banned organizations. The violation of ban kills the very purpose of banning any organization.
Sympathizing with IDPs and helping them alleviate their sufferings is a noble cause but using the same to create pro Taliban sentiment with a view to recruit more Taliban is dangerous. Even if JUD and the likes are able to achieve fractional success in these attempts, the battle of winning minds and hearts of IDPs would be lost to a greater degree. IDPs are likely to be looked after better by JUD and the likes than the government agencies the propogation of which will result in psychological victory of these pro Taliban organizations.

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