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Karachi - People and Leadership - Sincerity of Purpose

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Today is May 12, 2009. Two years ago, the city witnessed killing of dozens of people on its roads and streets once then suspended Chief Justice of Supreme Court landed at Karachi to go to the bar. Musharraf and were in power in Pakistan and Karachi respectively. Electronic media showed dozens of large containers blocking the routes from the airport to the bar. Who could have done that other than the government? Yet insists that the violence took place at the behest of its opponents. Musharraf held his own ill advised rally in the capital to prove that he was very popular. Almost all the parties in Karachi, and , had announced shutter down strikes and demonstrations which have been withdrawn on the request of Sindh government I hope and pray that peace prevails due to the declaration of provincial holiday by the government to commemorate and mourn the killings two years ago.

If we come to look at it, people of Karachi irrespective of their political, ethnic or religious association want to live in peace. But, perhaps the leadership doesn't want it that way. Why can't this leadership sit together and resolve the differences through peaceful negotiations. Ironically, all the major parties are part of the coalition running the country/province and yet they are daggers drawn. The leadership needs to rise above their individual vested interests and petty gains to resolve the issue. It can be done. The leadership ought to have will to do it. But, does the leadership have that will, and more importantly, greatness? Besides resolving old issues regarding the quotas for various groups; locals, settlers, etc, there are two ways to resolve the mystery of May 12, 2007. The leadership should either agree to conduct a judicial inquiry and accept the court verdict or it should agree to, let bygones be bygones, and commit not to let such sad incidents happen in future. Sincerity of purpose is is missing but badly needed.

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