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Pakistan Declares All Out Military Offensive against Taliban. Mobilize the People!

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Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Yousaf Raza Gilani, in a live televised speech, announced an all out military offensive against Taliban in Swat and its adjoining areas. The military operation has, in fact, been on for a few days now. The Prime Minister asked the nation to support the operation as it was necessary for the sovereignty of Pakistan. By and large, the speech has been well received and almost all political parties and cross sections of society appear to be well disposed towards the military operation. However, contrary to this verbal support, neither the government nor the people of Pakistan seem to be poised towards mobilization on war footing which should have been the case. Government is yet to hold duly agreed to All Parties Conference which should have been held before the speech. There is a need to form a kitchen cabinet to oversee the military operation. Around one million people of Swat region are migrating to the adjoining areas. Except for the belated release of funds by the government and efforts by a few NGOs, people of Pakistan have not been geared to put in their bit to alleviate the sufferings of these internally displaced persons (IDPs). About four years ago Pakistan experienced the worst of the earthquakes since its independence. The entire nation came into action and everyone put in its bit to help out the affectees of the earthquake. The leadership of Pakistan should galvanize its people to alleviate the sufferings of the IDPs; an act which by itself would send a strong signal to Taliban and the IDPs alike about nation's resolve to meet the crisis upfront.

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