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Terrorism - The Ball is Back in Army's Court

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After repeated violations of Swat Truce, the statements ofSufi Muhammadof defunct TNSM challenging the very constitution and democratic system of the government, Taliban's taking control of Buner district in the North of Swat and very assertive demand from USA, Pakistan Army has been tasked to deal with Taliban with force and root them out. The operation has already begun.
The results of this operation are not likely to be any different than the earlier operations. There will be killing at both ends and collassal collateral damage in terms of loss of life and material. Hundreds, if not thousands will get killed, many others will become disabled and so on. Once the enormity of this collateral damage goes beyond proportions, the operation will cease without achieving the objective of elimination of Taliban. It has happenened many times before in last few years and history is going to repeat itself. In fact the operation will provide once again a good opportunity to recruit fresh Taliban.
Pakistan Army is not trained and equipped well enough to fight the terrorists.
There is no defined front. Terrorists either merge with local population or occupy strong positions in the hills covering roads. The most important deficiency is of real time intelligence. Taliban can be defeated only by paralysing their ledership. Local population can provide useful intelligence but fear killing by Taliban on their knowing the same. Americans, too, for reasons better known to them, do not share intelligence with Pakistan. Perhaps, they are playing a double game. Army is the last card but the way it's being used, it's worth thinking by Pakistan government and US alike as to what would be the next step if the Army is not able to root out Taliban.
There are a number of agencies and countries who are supporting, financing, equipping and training Taliban. If America is sincere in eliminating terrorism from Pakistan, it should hit at the roots rather than aiming at the branches. What are so many Indian consulates doing in Afghanistan? Is Russia avenging it's defeat in Afghanistan in late eighties?


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At April 26, 2009 at 9:04 PM, Blogger Shirazi said...

Pakistan army need to play it well this time. Or there will be no time to play...

At May 11, 2009 at 6:46 PM, Blogger Mobashir Ahmed said...

It's not Pakistan Army alone but all Pakistanis who need to unite and play it well this time.

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