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Swat Truce

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A truce has been recently arrived at between the NWFP government and defunct Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariah-e-Muhammadi (TNSM), translated in English as Movement for the Enforcement of Muhammaden Law. The TNSM is led by Sufi Muhammad. Short of this truce, there has been a large scale bloodshed of locals of Swat besides the killings of Pakistani Taliban and the members of law enforcement agencies including Pakistan Army. Swatis received the beating from both ends; Pakistani Taliban and the law enforcement agencies. This caused thousands of Swatis to migrate to the adjoining districts. Peace has begun to prevail in Swat after the truce. The migrants have returned to Swat. Qazi (Judicial) courts, Qazis being nominated by TNSM in stead their appointment by the government, have started functioning; one of the main demands of TNSM and Pakistani Taliban.
The government has reached an agreement with a party which stands defunct in its own books. Pakistani Taliban, one of the main and militant rival faction, are not signatory to it. The Pakistan government has agreed to enforcement of Shariah Law with the hope that peace will prevail in Swat. No doubt, peace has prevailed, for the time being, in Swat after the agreement. However, the interpretation of the various clauses of the agreement are being made differently by the government, TNSM and Taliban. Government expects Taliban and all militant groups to lay down their arms, wants appointment of Qazis to be made by it with appellant courts remaining the same i.e High Court and Supreme Court. Taliban have refused to lay down their arms but have agreed that nobody including militants will move in Swat displaying arms. TNSM insists that Qazis will be appointed by it and have done so, and that High Court and Supreme Court will not be the Appellant courts for the people of Swat. In stead, TNSM will have its own appellant courts formed within Swat. Pakistan government has signed the agreement from a position of weakness after it thought that the law enforcement agencies could not eliminate Taliban and in stead the collateral damage in terms of loss of men and material of the Swatis was increasing in geometrical proportions. Still Pakistan government considers Swat issue to be a singular phenomenon not likely to be spreading elsewhere in Pakistan. However, TNSM and Taliban think it differently. They have made no secret about it and are claiming that they want Muhammadan Law all over Pakistan. It's not Muhammadan Law which is to be feared about but the Muhammadan Law as interpreted by Taliban which is a source of concern for most Pakistanis. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) spread Islam through peaceful means. The Holy Book, too, very clearly says that there is no compulsion in Islam. But these Taliban want to enforce their version of Islam through force.


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