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US, Pakistan and Afghanistan Once Again Vow to Fight Terrorism with Force (State Terrorism!)

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Presidents of USA, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Mr.Barack Obama, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and Mr. Karzai met in Washington and vowed to fight terrorism together. USA agreed to provide monetary and material support to both countries but made it conditional with the landmarks of progress by both countries. USA also served as an intermediary to ensure that Afghanistan and Pakistan cooperate with each other to achieve the common goal of cleansing their countries of Terrorists, particularly, belonging to Al-qaeda. America believes in and practices use of force as the only way to deal with the terrorists. The recent example being of the bombing in Afghanistan resulting in killing of around seventy Innocent civilians about which Ms.Hilary Clinton, US foreign secretary of state offered apologies and promised to conduct a joint inquiry. Neither her apology nor the joint inquiry is going to alleviate the sufferings of the affected families. Ever since the US invasion of Afghanistan in last eight years, soon after the episode of 9/11, thousands of Afghanis have been killed, many more injured/disabled and others migrated from one part of the country to the other besides four million Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. Although to a lesser degree, so has been the case in Pakistan. Pakistan Army has over eighty thousand of it troops deployed along porous Pak Afghan border. There was none prior to American invasion of Afghanistan. Pakistan has lost around three thousand of its soldiers fighting terrorists who cross over to its soil from Afghanistan. NATO has around fifty thousand troops in Afghanistan. Despite repeated calls to fence the Pak Afghan border, neither America nor Afghanistan agreed to it. Perhaps, fencing of the border would have made the job of NATO troops more difficult; fighting terrorists within Afghanistan. It is universally agreed that terrorism is on the increase in stead of being on the back foot. More and more people in the affected areas are joining terrorists in stead of supporting the American and Afghan government moves in Afghanistan. If all these forces, resources, casualties of troops and civilians have not reduced terrorism and have, in stead increased the same, isn't there a need to find some other means to deal with the terrorists. Casualties of civilians have been many times more than that of the terrorists. Isn't it state terrorism?

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