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Host Families of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons - Swat Region

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A very large number of IDPs have moved to their relatives all over the country starting from the neighbourhood of Swat all the way to Karachi. The number of these IDPs is estimated to be more than 50% of the total number. These relatives (host families) may be able to look after these IDPs for a short period of time but not indefinitely. Although a difficult proposition, some means need to be devised whereby the host families are registered and duly compensated for their generosity to host their relative IDPs. Otherwise, sooner or later, the IDPs living with the host families will have to leave their hosts and move either to wilderness or to refugee camps which certainly will not be a good situation. If the IDPs are not duly taken care of and resettled in their homes after the Army operation, the operation against Taliban in Swat region would be lost despite success expected in the battleground.

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