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Help Refugees, IDPs of Swat before You become One!

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It must be clearly understood that over one million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Swat are suffering for our sake. These IDPs refused to accept the rule of Taliban and opted to flee their homes, a scarifice of life time. If these IDPs are left high and dry, many of them will fall prey to Talibanization and then, it will be the turn of the rich and the poor alike living in currently unaffected areas to become IDPs or face the wrath of Taliban.
Although government agencies, and some of the philanthropist individuals and organizations have stepped up their activities to help the IDPs, lot more needs to be done. We have thousands of rich individuals and companies who can very conveniently set aside a fraction, if not a part, of their income towards this end. But, this s not happening. Perhaps, these individuals and companies mistakenly think that it is none of their concern. Political leadership of the government and opposition alike should also set personal examples; one of the important traits of leadership. Media must give more coverage to the efforts of philanthropists who are in the lead. Chamber of Commerce, Mardan has established a refugee camp. Other chambers of commerce and organizations should follow this example. Once the leadership and the rich come forward, masses would follow. The battle against Taliban, expected to be won by the army in the battleground, must also be won in the hearts and minds of IDPs. We have no other choice.

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