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Point Scoring - Swat Operation - Time to be United

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It is sad to see Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz Group PML (N), Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamiat- e - Ulema-Islam, Fazl-ul-Rehman Group Group (JUI, F) opposing the present army operation in Swat on the pretext that they were not taken into confidence about the same, and also accusing the government that it had not foreseen and planned to take care of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees. If we recall, the acceleration with which terrorism was being spread in Swat region despite the implementation of the Nizam-e-Adl (system of justice), loss of any time would have resulted in the situation going totally out of hand. The army operation launched by the government had to be immediate and with surprise. The process of taking all on board and preparations to receive the IDPs would have resulted in loss of the surprise factor. Statements of the leadership of the three above mentioned political parties after the telecast of interview of Sufi Muhammad heading defunct (Tehreek-e-Nifaz-Sharia-e Muhammdi, translated in English as Movement for Implementation of Muhammade Law (TNSM) clearly indicated that the two parties favoured strict action against Taliban. Sufi Muhammad had promised that Taliban would surrender after the implementation of Niza-e-Adl. In stead of surrendering, Taliban came out in the open killing people including government officials, looting public and private property including half a dozen banks. It is not understood as to why they have changed their stance. It's time to unite against a common enemy and a common threat and not of scoring points against each other.

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