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Neighbourhoods of Taliban

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The recent suicide attack resulting in killing of Anti Taliban religious scholar Dr Sarfaraz Naeemi is a clear signal from Taliban to all other religious and political leaders who condemn the activities of Taliban and declare these to be against the teachings of Islam. Some system will have to devised to protect these leaders and scholars. It will not be possible for the government to undertake this protection. Respective organizations which are headed by these seminaries will have to arrange security of their leaders.

But, what about the security of the common man. The common man, too, will have to arrange for his security by himself. How? It is the vigilance on part of each Pakistani wherein lies the security of not only the common man but that of the entire nation. The neighbourhoods of Taliban are asleep. If they were not, howelse could recruitment, training, planning and preparation of suicide persons and vehicles go unnoticed?

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