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Playing Opposition till Award of Ministries

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Mr. Atta Moneka, leader of PML(Q) Unification Group, has stated that his party would continue to play the role of opposition till they are given ministries by PML(N)in Punjab. Earlier during the political battle between PPP and PML(N) for control over Punjab, it was PML(Q) Unification group which supported PML(N) and enabled the latter to stay on in power. Then, the stand of PML(Q) Unification group was that they were moving away from PML(Q) towards PML(N) for unification of Pakistan Muslim League. According to them, it was a matter of principles and they were not doing so for the sake of ministries. If that was so, then why they are now choosing to sit on the opposition benches.

Politics in Pakistan is nothing but pursuit of power. It has nothing to do with principles which are but mere rhetoric to befool the masses.

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