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End of Ramadhan

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The month of Ramadhan of the lunar calendar is considered to be a holy month for all Muslims. Muslims, the world over, celebrate this month exercising restraint and tolerance in their social and physical activities. They fast, offer their prayers more regularly, offer nama-e-taraveeh (additional non obligatory prayers), are more kind and caring towards fellow human beings, particularly the poor. The month of Ramadhan is supposed to act as a refresher course for them to remind them of what they tend to forget in the other eleven months.

The ritual of Fasting is part of all religious faiths in one form or the other. However, the objective of the ritual of fasting is common; to attend to the rights of Allah and that of fellow human beings. So, the question which I ask myself and all Muslims is as to what extent has each one of us been able to move forward in the two aforementioned obligations? Has this passing month of Ramadhan been able to make us better Muslims not only in our beliefs by word of mouth but also in our deeds? Lucky are the ones whose answer to this question is in affirmative!

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